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Hi, guys. My name is Roger. I’m an American in my late twenties, and I am an illegal, document-less immigrant living in Shanghai without the means to exit the country. This was the result of a prank pulled by Phil. (He is a dick) I spent time in Southwestern China when I first arrived before migrating to Ningbo, and then Shanghai, and last year I roamed Sichuan working for a major multinational firm. Following some snafus over what constitutes “legal” business practices, I have returned to Shanghai where I’ve been working and living with a businessman named Knox.

This is my website. When it started, it was supposed to be like a magazine. I had these things called Blasts, but to be honest it was kind of a pain in the ass. So I stopped doing that. Now this site is things that I write, and some things my friends make or write or whatever, and some other shit, too. Oh, and: I might not be a real person. So there is that to keep in mind. And Eleanor. She is good to keep in mind as well.

Anyway, it’s been nice talking to you guys. You seem pleasant enough. Sometimes I tweet. Holler at your boy Rog.

There are things on this website that I have written, and also some other people, too. Sometimes I post videos of like cats or whatever. Noise. I missed some categories, probably. I wrote something about me a while ago. I think it’s kind of stupid now but I don’t know maybe you want to read it.

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