Film: Sunshine

Here you will find the film Sunshine, from American Buffalo (UPDATE: You will not find the film here; the official Vimeo link has been relabeled “private,” for reasons I am sure are numerous and justifiable. It”s a shame, though, because the film is great. I don”t know where it went, but I can”t find it anywhere on the internet – if you find a link, let me know and I”ll update). The film was directed by Doug Nichol, features music by Richard Hair, and was shot in Shanghai during the production of a McDonalds commercial Air Blower. It is a great film no matter the context, but it was surprisingly well timed; when this video dropped Matt Michaelson was simultaneously banging out the translations of a McDonald”s ad campaign unlike any he”d before seen in this country. Two very different approaches to selling fast food.

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