Dave & Mick dance in the streets

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Things really take off when Mick swings around a dingy pole, a few times. Then its all two-finger whistles and, by god, he really lets loose.

And then Bowie enters the fray. Well, Dave, I certainly didn”t expect you to saunter down that staircase and then cap your entrance with that leap! And what a leap! Might I suggest that descending to the terrestrial represented your belief that mankind”s only path forward — the best way to reconcile racial differences, huge economic disparities and armed conflicts  around the globe too many to count– would be, simply, more dancing in the street?

My god. Frankly, I never would have guessed that dancing in the streets would transition to dancing in doorways (starts at 1:40). And Bowie: those hand moves! Goodness. Honestly I didn”t see that coming (because the hand was behind a door until, suddenly, it wasn”t).

And then, Mick at 1:55, rushes the camera and screams BACK IN THE USSR! without explanation (because one can presumably conclude that they are not, in fact, in the USSR). Genius.

How does it end, you ask? Well, it ends with a stop-shot on their butts, hips out, in unison. Fantastic.

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