Bush to raise money for questionable group


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The years since George W. Bush left the presidency have been notable for his return to a life largely removed from national politics. But sources have recently confirmed that beginning this month the 43rd president plans to briefly step back into the spotlight for a series of fundraisers in support of a highly polarizing group. The first of the events, which will take place at the Serenity Now Country Club on the outskirts of Jacksonville, Florida, has been scheduled for Tuesday, November 19th. A series of as-yet unscheduled fundraisers will follow later in the week.

“We are thrilled to be receiving the president’s endorsement. It’s incredibly generous of him to donate his time and bold ideas,” said Stephen Dunwell, an Events Coordinator for the organization. “And he knows how to get a crowd hooting and hollering – he’s sure to be a hit.”

The president agreed to attend the fundraisers only after he was given input into selecting each evening’s general topic. The Jacksonville focus has since been adjusted to immigration policy, an issue that has been deeply important to Mr. Bush since his time in the Texas governor’s office. The evening had previously been titled, “Voter Fraud: Democracy’s Judas”.

When asked about the change to the program, a Republican Party spokesman noted that, “While we are excited about the opportunities provided by the recent Shelby County v. Holder ruling, we are equally eager to hear what President Bush has to say on the subject of what do to with all of those damn Mexicans.“

He went on to say that discussions are ongoing about the remaining stops on the tour. Topics currently under review include repealing abortion rights, dismantling the Affordable Care Act, gutting federally mandated background checks, banning flag burning, bartering Puerto Rico for Argentinian cattle, instituting the draft for those living below the poverty line, expanding the “so-called gun show loophole”, invading Canada and reappropriating Medicaid funding to programs that will benefit “real Americans”.

Original source (headline seen above found on HuffPo homepage). Image via wikimedia commons

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One Response to Bush to raise money for questionable group

  1. Evelyn
    November 9, 2013 at 4:35 pm #

    Voter fraud is not a laughing matter – it’s a real problem, in the USA. Last presidential election they actually caught TWO people voting twice, in two different districts! Of course, they really don’t count because they were both Republicans “trying to prove a point.”
    Oh wait, on further thought, I think the point they proved was counter to the Republican Party’s allegations….Never mind…

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