Blast Archive

Blasts have gone to the wayside.This is the archive of the three that were completed before the format was abandoned. 

Blast No. 3



Roger Says: This is Blast No. 3
Compliment Request Pkg.â„¢
Sascha Matuszak: China Zombie Survival Guide
James Weir: The Any City Blues
Marissa Anderson: Dear Roger
Ryan Headley: One Arm Tied Behind Your Back
James Weir: The best part of it all
Matt Day: Benevento Live at the Bean
David Perry: Take China
BB King and Bobby Blue Bland
Five Things Shanghai Has

Blast No. 2


Roger Says: This is Blast No. 2
James Weir: On the Hubei Collapse
Matt Michaelson: 100 Moves of a Real Man
Derek Sandhaus: The Panamanian Connection
James Weir: Karen, he said
Film: Sunshine
Note: Legalese Love
Daniel Maroti: Glass Ball Ornament
Missives: Assorted Tweets
Video: Al Green Live on Soul Train
List: Five Things I Don’t Trust


Blast No. 1


Roger Says: This is Blast No. 1
Non-Fiction: Sascha Matuszak- Tibet: a world apart
Video: Matt Day- A day with Nick Zammuto
Note: One day, three autumns
Fiction: James Weir- Greetings from a former tenant
Poetry: Caylin Capra-Thomas- Let Me Explain
Radio: Ryan Headley- Vampire Tango
Film: Moving Takahashi
Radio: Roger’s indispensable soul
Video: Etta James- I’d rather go blind
List: Five things I hate about Phil


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